Make Money Being Online In 2015: Create Your Own Digital Magazine

Iimagesn our first and second posts on this topic you were introduced to how you can make money being online in 2015 with your own digital magazine.  This third and final post will discuss magazine content as well as producing and publishing your magazine.


You may assume that you’ll need to write all or most of the content … Continue Reading ››

Make Money Being Online By Profiting From Your Digital Magazine

digital-magazine1As discussed in the the previous post on this topic, publishing your very own digital magazine can be a cool way to make money being online.  But, how can publishing your own digital magazine actually make you money?

Well, there are multiple ways to make money online from your digital magazine. Let’s take a look at a few of the different ways … Continue Reading ››

Make Money Being Online In 2015 By Publishing Your Own Digital Magazine

Dig MagOne of the coolest and most interesting ways for you to make money being online in 2015 is by publishing your own digital magazine.

More and more people are moving toward digital content consumption and away from print, which clutters their homes and kills trees, and as a result digital magazine demand is rising. Many traditional print publications are seeing droves of their … Continue Reading ››